Strength & Scotch is a weekly podcast delivering evidence-based health and fitness information with a splash of humor.

If what you need in your life are more 6 hour long podcasts that require a PhD to interpret, we’re not the show for you. However, if you want practical, research-backed advise to help you move faster, lift heavier, be healthier and possibly learn more about Scotch… all in 30 minutes or less, definitely give us a shot.

Just don’t start with the early episodes…

As most terrible podcasts begin, so did this show. We were two friends, sitting around drinking and talking and thought what we were saying was sooooo valuable that we had to start recording. It turns out, making an interesting and informative podcast is a lot harder than that.

But, we persisted.

Now, Strength & Scotch episodes have been downloaded over a half a million times and the show is one of the most reliable sources of evidence based health and fitness content on the entire internet. Well… it’s at least the best fitness podcast, where the hosts drink scotch and are named Grant and Heavey – that much we can absolutely guarantee.

Who Are Grant And Heavey?

We met many, many years ago when Grant first joined Heavey’s CrossFit gym. Contrary to what you might think, we weren’t fast friends. In fact, Grant became friends with Mrs. Coach Heavey far before he hit it off with Heavey.

Eventually though, they discovered their mutual interest in Scotch, BBQ, tech and music. They even learned that despite growing up a thousand miles apart, they had the exct same first car.

Grant, when he used to lift weights
Surprise… Heavey is wearing a t-shirt


We welcome inquiries regarding sponsorship, though we are very selective in choosing partners to work with.  To maintain integrity and ensure our audience doesn’t feel we’re swayed by ulterior motives, we will only promote products we love.  You won’t hear us featuring “Pro Weight Gain 5000 Formula” if it isn’t something we support (and we don’t).  However, if someone at Lagavulin is reading this, please call us ASAP.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the show or would like to provide a product for us to review and discuss honestly or work at Lagavulin, shoot an email to [email protected].