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After 7 and a half years, 315 regular episodes, 18 whisky club tastings, a couple happy hours, and a live recording, we are officially putting Strength and Scotch out to pasture. While we have genuinely loved doing the show and connecting with our listeners (truly the best part), it just isn’t feasible to keep it going with all of the other things going on in “life.” We’ve been trying to find a way to work it out so that it can exist in some way from reducing the release schedule to having the Plus program, etc. In the end, though, we weren’t able to create the content that we set out to-and that you guys deserve.

So, while we’re sad to announce the end, we’re also so full of gratitude for all of the support you guys have shown us. We hope you learned some stuff and had some fun along the way. From the beginning we wanted to de-click bait health information and dig into the science behind health and fitness research to inform our listeners with the real real…without being meat-heady or overly serious about it. In the end, health is all about balance. We hope that message was communicated.

Even though we will no longer be regularly recording podcasts or having a Plus program through Patreon, we are still going to be keeping in touch with the friends we’ve made through this community.

The “whisky club” is going to be opened up to anyone that wants to participate. We have a discord channel that will be available to anyone that wants to join. That means we’ll be chatting about whisky, bbq, exercise, etc, there and doing monthly whisky tastings. The tastings won’t be “episodes” that we record, but instead will have a more social approach. There will still be educational parts, but it will be more like a zoom meeting than a recording. The details of it will get worked out over time, but it will be fun. It will not be a podcast-it will be a community.

We are still going to be supporting our five pillars of health. We’ll be exercising, sleeping, distressing, eating well, and making connections with others (both in and out of the bedroom). We’re going to get our minds and bodies in good places. We are going to drink whisky and talk shit.

If you would like to stay in touch, please join our Whisky Club Discord to participate in our tastings and whisky stuff.

Grant and Brandon will still have their emails if you want to message them: [email protected] and [email protected].

Strength and Scotch is dead. Long live Strength and Scotch.