SS 006 – Caffeine and Performance

SS 006 – How to Use Caffeine to Enhance Your Training

Episode 6 Show Notes


In this episode of Strength and Scotch, we cover how to effectively use caffeine to enhance your strength and endurance training.  Including how much, how often and even a discussion on the impacts to overall health.  All of this while we enjoy the Highland Park 12 Year.

highlandpark-12[0:30] How Awesome We Are at Basketball
[2:20] Grant’s Caffeine Addiction
[3:30] Who Knows Latin?
[4:40] Caffeine Potency
[5:00] How Often to Consume Caffeine
[7:20] Grant’s Existential Crisis
[9:10] Caffeine Makes Working Out More Enjoyable
[11:00] How Much Caffeine and them Mili-gams
[12:45] We ain’t Doctors
[14:10] Caffeine and Cortisol
[15:30] Highland Park 12 Year Scotch
[17:23] 22 is the Sweet Spot
[17:50] Email us [email protected]

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