SS 007 – The Great Gear Debate

SS 007 – The Great Gear Debate

Episode 7 Show Notes


We are joined by CrossFit coach and friend Paul Lee for our first ever guest appearance on the show.  Listen in as Paul and Heavey discuss the pros and cons of gear in fitness and Grant weighs in with inappropriate comments.  Also, we had a lot of Glenlivet while recording this one.

glenlivet-12[0:30] Paul Lee Intro
[2:00] Gear
[3:00] 95lb Deadlifts with a Weight Belt
[4:00] Heard Mentality
[5:00] The Ocho
[6:30] The Weight Belt
[12:00] Paul Fills Out His Designer Jeans
[13:20] What about the Headband?
[14:40] Bearing bar
[15:55] It All Comes Down to Coaching
[18:00] Glenlivet 12


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