SS 008 – Supplementing with Creatine: What, Why and How

SS 008 – Supplementing with Creatine: What, Why and How

Episode 8  Show Notes

large-itunes-subscribe-button How and why do you supplement with creatine? Is it dangerous?  Is it just for strength or can it also enhance endurance? What type should you use?   All of this and a yummy Macallan 18.

Also, for those of you that want to dive into more of the details, be sure to check out the creatine write up I did here, on the blog.

macallan[0:55] What is Creatine
[3:00] Can it Help with Endurance Athletes?
[3:20] Is there a Downside to Supplementing with Creatine
[4:20] Check out the Research here on my website [link]
[4:50] What Creatine Does for the Athlete
[6:40] Water Retention
[7:30] Which Athletes Shouldn’t Supplement
[9:00] What if I have Kidney Issues?
[9:55] What Type of Creatine (our recommendation)
[11:20] How to Supplement with Creatine (cycling, loading, etc.)
[12:45] Can You Get Enough Creatine through Real Food
[14:20] Macallan 18 year
[15:50] USDA Prime Beef

Resources mentioned:


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