SS 009 – Was Alzheimer’s Reversed?

SS 009 – Was Alzheimer’s Reversed?



Episode 9 Show Notes


An interesting study out of UCLA shows a reverse in the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in nearly all patients through diet and lifestyle interventions alone… is this for real?  Well, the study was very small, but the results were promising.  Learn more about this exciting research along with our impression of the Trader Joe’s 10 year single malt scotch.

[0:45] Grant gets personalscotch-whisky450 copy
[1:30] The Study
[3:00] Why isn’t this bigger news?
[3:55] Type 3 Diabetes
[5:00] What were the interventions?
[5:30] Fish oil son!
[7:30] The Symptoms of Western Medicine.
[9:20] Why don’t we treat people as a whole?
[10:50] Eat.  Sleep. Move. Vitamin D. Fish Oil.
[11:20] Trader Joe’s Supribes us!
[12:10] Alice didn’t fix it 🙂

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