SS 014 – Coach Erwin Regidor on Connecting with Clients

SS 014 – Coach Erwin Regidor on Connecting with Clients

Episode 14 Show Notes


The second part of our discussion with Coach Erwin Regidor.  Last time we talked about his experience coaching in Shanghai, this time we discuss what it means to be a good coach, focusing especially on Erwin’s uncanny ability to connect with clients.  This episode was powered by a Lephroaig 10 year Scotch.

[1:30] Erwin and Heavey’s History
[2:45] Erwin Weighs In
[3:40] How to Start on the Right Foot with Clients
[4:40] Certs don’t Mean Shit
[5:40] Grant is Confident in the Reach of our Show
[6:45] Practice What you Preach
[8:50] Make the Client Feel Like They’re the Only One
[9:50] Heavey’s Pitch for Erwin
[11:43] The Client’s PRs are His PRslaphroag-scotch
[12:40] He Cares
[13:40] Booze in CrossFit
[14:40] Heavey is a Robot Again
[15:15] Transitioning from Friend to Coach
[17:08] What is a Coach?
[19:40] How to Get Started in Coaching?
[22:30] Sorry Scientology
[23:00] Heavey Headbands
[23:45] Grant is a Diva
[25:40] Lephroaig 10 year

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