SS 013 – Strength in 5/3/1 with Brendan Hufford

SS 013 – Strength in 5/3/1 with Brendan Hufford

Episode 13 Show Notes


Fellow podcaster and admirer of the deadlift joins us to discuss Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 strength program and the results of implementing it within high school sports programs.

[1:45] Heavey is awkward
[3:00] Entrepreneurs and Coffee
[4:40] Brendan: Strength & Conditioning Coach
[5:45] Strength & Conditioning – The Unfair Advantage in School Sports
[8:15] Jim Wendler’s 5/3/1 for Football
[10:45] Collegiate Strength Training
[12:15] Wendler’s No Bullshit Attitude
[14:00] We Want Statistics
[15:00] Erratic Lifting in Kids and Snapchat
[16:00] Overuse Injuries in Kids
[20:50] Where to Find Help
[24:00] Have Fun in the Gym
[25:50] Give me a Kick in the Mouth
[30:30] Grant Pats Himself on the Back

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