SS 012 – Is CrossFit Worth It?

SS 012 – Is CrossFit Worth It?

Episode 12 Show Notes

large-itunes-subscribe-button In this episode we dive into whether or not CrossFit is worth it and we do so with two of our closest friends, Jason and Phil. We tackle the pros and cons of the workout regimen as well as talk injuries and six packs. Enjoy!

[1:48] Ganging up on Heavey
[2:45] What do you mean by CrossFit? What do you mean by worth it?
[5:10] What are CrossFit Classes Like?
[6:20] Phil & Jason Speak up
[7:15] Jason’s Background
[10:15] Phil’s Turn
[12:40] Different Strokes for Different Folks
[14:10] Injuries
[16:00] Didn’t Mean to Keep Picking on Moms
[17:00] Is it Always Good for Beginners?
[20:30] Why Phil, Jason and Grant all Quit
[24:10] There is no Universal Solution
[24:50] Why Phil & Jason Started in the First Place
[27:00] More Banging!
[28:30] Best Shape of Our Lives
[30:00] Eating Better Too


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