SS 011 – How to Paleo on the Cheap

SS 011 – How to Paleo on the Cheap

Episode 11 Show Notes


Today we answer our first listener submitted question.  Josh asks, “How do I eat Paleo on the cheap.”  We dive into this question while enjoying the ubiquitous Johnnie Walker Black.  Have a question you’d like for us to feature on the show?  Head over to to submit it.  Cheers!

johnniewalker_black175lnew__25961.1407758619.1280.1280[0:45] How to Submit a Question
[2:00] Listener Josh Asks his Question
[3:00] What is Paleo
[5:40] Dollar Menu
[7:30] Prioritize your Funds!
[8:15] Organics and In Season Purchases
[9:50] Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen
[10:30] Grant is a Farmer
[11:00] Heavey Purchases Cows from the Ranch
[12:30] Do you need Grassfed?
[13:30] Add the Fat!
[13:45] Is Paleo Expensive Article
[14:40] Calories per Dollar
[16:20] $12/day on the Ground Beef Diet
[17:45] Grant Exposes the Heavey is a Robot
[18:50] Johnnie Walker Black
[22:00] Johnnie Walker Tasting Events

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