SS 016 – Cassandra, the 40-Something CrossFitting Mom

SS 016 – Cassandra, the 40-Something CrossFitting Mom

Episode 16 Show Notes


In our episode on “Is CF Worth It,” Heavey kept mentioning the 40-year old mom demographic and that seemed to  stir up some emotions on Facebook.  So, we brought a mom onto the show to discuss her experience.  In this episode we discuss Cassandra’s experience in CrossFit over the last two years.  Her big change in body composition.  And her keys to success.  We also enjoy a very fine 12 year Bowmore Single Malt.

bowmore-scotch[1:00] Heavey Gets Called Out
[3:00] Mom Mobility
[5:09] Cassandra’s Impressive Body Composition Improvement
[7:45] Does Mature Mean Old?
[9:20] Bed Time or Exercise Time?
[10:45] Which Phil?
[11:45] How to Make Sure You Don’t Do Stupid Shit
[13:45] Gold Stars for Form
[15:00] You Don’t Have to Loose Muscle as you Age
[16:30] Cassandra Takes Things into Her Own Hands
[18:15] The Key: Have your Own Compass
[18:45] Progression in Fitness
[22:00] Bowmore 12 year scotch

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