SS 017 – Carb Backloading and OGB

SS 017 – Carb Backloading and OGB

Episode 17 Show Notes


In this episode we talk to our good friend OGB about his experiences with the very popular carb backloading diet.  We cover how he managed to drop his body fat percentage down to 8% and then screw it up and gain a bunch of fat.  This, while we sip the very nice Glenlivet.

glenlivet[0:42] Rock Chalk!
[2:00] Grant Looses Too
[2:25] Origin of OGB
[3:30] Carb Backloading Experience
[5:30] Is it Healthy?
[6:30] Strength vs. Density Protocols
[7:21] OGB’s First Result
[9:18] Attempt #2
[11:30] What Went Wrong?
[14:10] Backloading with Good Foods?
[15:15] Burn!
[17:30] Shout Out to Mama’s In South Pasadena
[19:20] Grant Spends Time Alone in his Room
[20:40] It Depends!
[21:45] Regionals For Old People?
[22:40] Glenlivet 12
[23:30] Scotch vs. Bourbon
[27:45] Crackers




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