SS 024 – Get Inside of Grant’s Head

SS 024 – Get Inside of Grant’s Head

Episode 24 Show Notes


Payback time for Grant this week.  He put Heavey on the spot a few weeks ago, so we turn the tables on him this week.  Get inside his head and find out what makes him tick.  Why is he so inquisitive?  Why is he interested in health?  Why does he drink so many booze?  All this with the very enjoyable Johnnie Walker Double Black.

double-black[1:30] Grant is Resistant to this Show
[2:30] So many Booze
[3:50] Grant Digs
[5:00] Stoner
[5:35] Why Grant on the Podcast
[6:40] Grant just Hasn’t met an Introvert Yet
[8:10] Heavey Rocks in the Corner
[10:40] Grant’s Fitness Journey
[11:45] Cindy
[12:30] Rock Climbing
[13:10] Sailorfit
[16:40] Swans in Austin
[17:50] Heavey is Special
[24:40] Johnnie Walker Double Black



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