SS 023 – Is Organic Worth It?

SS 023 – Is Organic Worth It?

Episode 23 Show Notes


Is spending the extra money on organic worth it?  What exactly does organic mean?  Is it really healthier?  We dig into everything organic on this episode of Strength and Scotch.  All of this while we enjoy a Sherry Cask Macallan Scotch.   

macallan_sherry10_300c[2:20] Heavey’s Reluctance to do this Episode
[3:05] What Does Organic Mean?
[4:00] Organic Doesn’t Mean Pesticide Free
[5:45] USDA Enforcers (or Criminals?)
[6:20] How to Get Good Organics?
[8:00] Are Organics Healthier?
[10:50] The Trouble with Scientific Studies
[14:30] Who Volunteers for the Round-up Experiment?
[19:40] Can’t Afford Organic?  Eat a Bagel.
[20:20] Heavey’s Not Touching GMO with a 10 ft. Pole
[22:00] Macallan Sherry Oak


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