SS 022 – The Most Underrated Key to Health

SS 022 – The Most Underrated Key to Health

Episode 22 Show Notes


It’s not a sexy topic, but it is likely the thing you’re overlooking in your health.  Managing stress can make you skinnier, give you bigger muscles and just make you all around happier,  Found out how on this episode of Strength and Scotch.  We manage our stress very well during this discussion with an Ardbeg 10 Year Scotch.

ardbeg[2:00] Isn’t Stress Just an Emotional Thing?
[3:30] Fight or Flight vs. Digest and Rest
[5:20] No Piss or Digestion When Chased by a Lion
[6:30] Stressors
[7:45] Isn’t Exercise a Stress?
[8:20] The Chronic
[9:00] Chronic Stress
[11:20] Being Stressed Makes you Fat
[12:00] Quit your Job
[12:45] Pregnenolone Steal
[13:00] High Stress Equals Low Testosterone
[13:50] How to Manage your Stress
[15:00] But I don’t want to manage my stress
[16:30] Heavey’s Adrenal Function
[19:45] Habit of Booze
[21:20] Ardbeg 10 Year



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