SS 021 – The Worst Week of Grant’s Life a.k.a The Master Cleanse

SS 021 – The Worst Week of Grant’s Life a.k.a. The Master Cleanse

Episode 21 Show Notes


Alice joins us today to talk about the worst week of Grant’s life… the week he did The Master Cleanse.  Heavey also did the cleanse though is slightly less dramatic about the experience.  In this episode we discuss the reasons why people do cleanses and if one might make sense for you.  We washed it all down with a Rusty Nail, the first featured whiskey cocktail.  Enjoy!

rusty-nail[1:00] Heavey tries something new
[2:05] Poopies
[3:25] Why Would you Starve Yourself?
[4:15] 344 kcal’s / day
[5:10] Another reason for Grant to hate Heavey
[7:00] Should you Cleanse?
[8:30] Hippie Bullshit
[9:45] The Results
[12:15] Grilled Cheese
[14:00] The One Bite of Tomato
[15:42] Actually do Eat Animal Protein each Meal
[18:40] Just a Spoonful of Salt
[21:30] Health is not achieved from a 6 week program
[22:25] Whiskey plus Whiskey
[23:00] A Rusty Nail: Whiskey Cocktail



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