SS 020 – What is Healthy?

SS 020 – What is Healthy?

Episode 20 Show Notes


Ask ten people what it means to be healthy you’ll get ten different answers.  In this week’s episode we distill down what it truly means to be healthy and the things that you can do to maximize your health.  One of which is not enjoying the Rye whiskey like we did 🙂

rittenburg-rye-whiskey[1:15] Crackers!
[2:05] What Does Grant Think is Healthy?
[4:15] My College Essay
[4:20] Definitions of Health
[6:05] Grant’s Joke Fail
[8:15] WHO let that owl in?
[10:20] Health is balance
[13:00] Giving it everything you’ve got, is that enough?
[13:50] Grant’s 3 legs vs. Heavey’s 4 pillars
[15:00] The four burners
[16:00] What’s the goal of health?
[18:50] Rittenhouse American Rye



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