SS 019 – BJJ and Golf Training with William from Essex

SS 019 – BJJ and Golf Training with William from Essex

Episode 19 Show Notes


Strength and Scotch goes international!  Today we chat with Essex-based strength and conditioning coach William Wayland.  William specializes in working with fighters and golfers.  We talk to him about training, functional movement and the similarities between golf and MMA.  All of this is washed down with some Bushmills in honor of William’s Irish wife.

bushmills_the_original_irish_whiskey_40_0_700-p[3:20] Welcome William From Essex
[4:45] Role of Strength and Conditioning in MMA
[6:21] William’s Background
[7:50] MMA and Golf aka Rotational Power Sports
[10:24] “Functional Training”
[12:05] Grant Plays Dumb
[14:44] What I’m Doing is Right
[16:34] Most Common Misperception in Training
[18:28] What’s Holding People Back in their Training
[21:35] Beginners vs. Advanced
[24:11] Bushmills
[26:30] Triple Distillation



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