SS 257 – How to Prioritize & Achieve Your Top Goals

Episode 257 Show Notes

We’re shaking it up this week by introducing the release of Heavey’s new podcast series:

From Coach to Business

This podcast is hosted by our very own Coach Heavey and his friend and former Strength & Scotch guest Todd Nief.  

“It’s tough out there for a coach trying to get their business going. We’ve made just about every mistake possible in growing our brick and mortar CrossFit gyms and online coaching businesses. We want to save you at least some of the pain and stress that we went through learning everything the hard way.”

Check out the full season of From Coach to Business for a no-nonsense approach to growing your fitness business… including some Heavey humor along the way.

Episode notes:

[0:45] Why priorities are more important than productivity.
[5:10] A framework to think about prioritization in your business. 
[9:00] Lead measures and lag measures.
[14:10] Do you feel like you’re always busy, but not accomplishing much?
[15:50] Limiting factor analysis.
[21:40] How we identify the limiting factors in our business.
[34:00] Zooming in and zooming out with your priorities.
[38:00] Todd shares how he uses the OKR framework at his gym to get the right things done.


 From Coach to Business 

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