SS 298 – Nutrition for Ultra Endurance with Coach Nicole Latimer of Evidence Based Athlete

Episode 298 Show Notes


In this episode, the boys are joined by Evidence Based Athlete Coach Nicole to discuss nutrition and training for ultra endurance athletes.   Nicole shares the journey of EBA client “Tomagotchi”, an accomplished endurance athlete looking to up his performance for 100 mile races.   They chat about calories, electrolytes, mileage and the mental preparation required for ultra’s…  as well as the challenges Tomagotchi faced trying to train during a pandemic and wild fires.

2:38 Hi Nicole

3:03 Where the rubber meets the road

5:58 Western States Ultramarathon

9:20 Nutrition for endurance

13:18 Calculating long run nutrition 

16:10 Shit-ton of miles

19:50 Avocados for mountain biking

22:13 Calorie targets for a long run

24:15 Sweat and electrolytes

26:21 Multiple spreadsheets

31:04 The best mindset

34:20 103 miles completed

35:11 Traversing sand dunes


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