SS 297 – Get A Stronger Mind with Dr. Eric Bean

Episode 297 Show Notes


This week Grant and Heavey are joined by Dr. Eric Bean, PhD, a high performance and leadership consultant.  Dr. Bean shares his expertise from working with navy seals, the army, high level CEO’s to professional athletes.  The boys chat all things mental performance including tips on working from home, finding your flow state and intrinsic motivation.   

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1:43 Real Dr Bean

2:59 Coaching Thru Stories

6:13 Thousand marbles story

11:14 What are your core beliefs**

17:24 How does mental performance help?

20:11 Habits around stress

24:00 Reset and recover

27:56 Physiology dictates psychology

31:41 Heart rate variability with emwave

39:19 Airplane state

40:35 Finding your flow state at home

45:13 Intrinsic motivation


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