SS 296 – Personal Glucose Monitoring with Josh Clemente from Levels

Episode 296 Show Notes


In this episode, Grant and Heavey are joined by a special guest and founder of the Levels continuous glucose monitoring company Josh Clemente.   With a background in aerospace engineering, CrossFit and a curiosity to improve his own energy levels, Josh developed Levels as a tool for improving metabolic fitness and preventing insulin resistance.  The boys dive into all things glucose including individual response, the stress and glucose relationship and the effects of alcohol on blood sugars.  Lastly, Josh shares a link for you to jump the waitlist and test out CGM on yourself.  

1:29 Welcome Josh

4:30 Space nerd

9:08 Glucose monitoring

12:36 Physical and mental burnout

14:20 Wired to Eat

16:48 What is a healthy glucose response should be

19:38 Giving back on glucose science

22:01 What is metabolism?

24:30 Insulin resistance

27:59 We’re all on a spectrum

32:05 The pizza hack

35:53 Foundation of metabolic fitness

38:37 Alcohol and blood sugars

44:41 Highly carb sensitive

46:01 Building confidence in the choices you’re making

50:02 Waitlist of 50k people

53:07 Effects of stress on blood sugars56:56 Listener link to jump the waitlist line:



Link to jump the waitlist and begin using Levels yourself:

More information on glucose and athletics:

  1. Glucose and Athletic Recovery
  2. How to Create an Optimal Diet by Tracking Glucose
  3. Optimize Exercise Performance with Glucose Tracking

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