SS 295 – How to Keep Your Muscle When Running More

Episode 295 Show Notes


In this week’s episode Grant and Heavey answer a question from listener Joe: How to keep your muscle when increasing running.   Heavy shares his tips on strength training to maintain muscle mass as well as nutrition strategies to keep that hard-earned muscle.   Grant also shares his new infatuation with gaba rice (germinated brown rice) and the boys discuss their favorite Thanksgiving dishes… and Grant’s disgust of casseroles.

Show Notes:


3:15 Three whiskeys on the table

6:20 Hiding whiskey

6:37 Question from listener Joe: running without losing muscle

9:07 Running and muscle gains

10:05 How many days a week in the gym to maintain gains?

11:45 Prioritizing compound movements

13:15 Five categories of movements

15:53 Recommended rep schemes

19:00 Adding unilateral training

19:44 Nutrition for muscle sparing

21:47 Grant Guzzles

24:02 Gaba Rice (germinated brown rice)

30:31 Benefits of gaba

35:09 Preparation of foods affecting absorption

36:18 Shoot the Sh*t

39:50 Have to have stuffing

40:42 Worst mistake of my life


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