SS 294 – Staying Fit When Traveling

Episode 294 Show Notes


This week the boys are joined by Heavey’s wife and Evidence Based Athlete Coach Nicole to chat about fitness and nutrition on the road.  Heavey and Nicole have a dialed-in routine for road trip nutrition and training that has served them well both pre and during the pandemic.  Tune in to hear their tips on maintaining fitness while limited on equipment and nutrition choices.

1:24 Our vibe

2:00 The Whiskey Club

5:20 Milking off our friends

7:52 Collapsing the movement pyramid on vacation

8:23 Leaning on low intensity

11:32 Planning programs on vacation

14:08 Water jugs as weights

16:08 Prioritizing a weakness

18:03 Nutrition on the road

20:49 Honeymoon hack

25:45 Super de-stressing

28:18 Little travel fridge

29:49 Travel sleep hack

33:10 Grant guzzles


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