SS 293 – Exercising To Improve Your Mental Game

Episode 293 Show Notes


In this week’s episode, Coach Heavey shares the research on exercise for improving cognitive function.   What exercises are most effective for acute and long term mental acuity?  Tune in to find out!

0:40 Brought to you by…exercise

3:26 Feeling sluggish

5:31 Caffeine and caramels

7:00 What exercises make you feel sharpest?

8:19 Acute effects

13:43 When done in the morning

15:35 Smarter at 10am than normal

19:09 The greatest chronic effects

20:35 Sports and games

22:11 Incorporating into a program

25:15 Exercise may have been a ruse

28:55 Dance Dance Revolution

30:40 Grant Distilled…. Or Grant Guzzles

31:11 Making grain whiskey

33:12 When there’s grain on the bottle

38:55 Shoot the Sh*t

39:00 What’s going to happen to the NFL


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