SS 292 – Case Study: Significant Fat Loss During COVID

Episode 292 Show Notes


This week on Strength and Scotch, Grant and Heavey are joined by Heavey’s wife and head coach at Evidence Based Athlete, Coach Nicole.   

Nicole shares a case study on a nutrition client, “Bobcat” who lost 45 pounds over the last 4 months.  The trio discusses details on Bobcat’s nutrition coaching as well as his home training program with minimal equipment.  

2:37 Significant wt loss in the pandemic

6:06 Heavey’s Headlines

7:50 It depends this, it depends that

8:56 How Bobcat lost 45 pounds

11:53 The dreamy ice hockey player

14:08 The biggest levers for nutrition

20:00 Caffeine as the cognitive enhancer

22:43 Log your food and let’s see

25:21 These are very aggressive results

30:05 Hitting roadblocks

31:25 Does Nicole yell at Brandon

32:49 …Critiquing Brandon’s hip thrusts

35:55 Maintenance nutrition phase

38:00 Helping someone turn they life around

40:02 I’m sexy Bobcat

42:56 Grant distilled

51:30 Shoot the sh*t

52:16 Our first ever 1 star review

1:00:00 We should just be human to one another


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