SS 291 – Exercise Tech and Building Your Movement Stack

Episode 291 Show Notes

In this week’s episode, Coach Heavey dives further into the concept of a movement pyramid, as a tech stack.   In the words of Grant: “It’s a good analogy, it’s just really nerdy.”

Tune in to build your own movement stack, learn about short vs long scotch fermentation and how chickweed might be your new favorite veggie.  

00:47 The Movement Stack

04:05 Go Chiefs

09:08 Movement Pillar Review

10:33 Tech Stack for movement

12:33 A bigger nerd than I thought!

16:27 Every day having some form of activity

19:50 Programming the pyramid for clients

22:20 Mobility for hips and shoulders

23:28 Gymnastics bodies videos

26:23 What’s your movement stack?

26:56 Time for…. Grant guzzles

29:16 Water in scotches

30:20 Starting with Barley…

33:35 Long or Short Fermentation

39:10 Mostly bourbon influenced

43:20 The master blender’s work

44:51 Veggie EXTREME

45:40 Eating chickweed

47:40 Evidence Based Athlete:



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