SS 290 – What Movements Should You Be Prioritizing?

Episode 290 Show Notes

This week on Strength and Scotch, Heavy breaks down the movement pillar of health in a new way: revealing his pyramid of movement priorities.   From low intensity foundations, to mobility, eustress and peaking at reach, find out how you can better optimize your movement for longevity.    Grant also shares his 3 favorite summer cocktails and finally the show is wrapped up with a shoot the shit segment on current affairs.  

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1:23 The movement pillar


4:40 4 Pillars Framework

6:50 Using the word movement

8:31 The Holy Pyramid

11:37 Going for a walk

16:10 The hotel maid study

19:33 Wiping your own ass

22:00 Gymnastics bodies

26:50 Yoga with Adrien

29:40 Reach

34:44 Why do you need to get lost in it?

38:13 It depends

39:35 Live the life of the pyramid

40:41 Grant Guzzles

41:31 Two simple cocktails

47:47 Aperol spritz

49:10 Shoot the shit

1:00.45 Plus Challenge Reflection



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