SS 289 – We’re Back Baby… With Strength and Scotch Plus

Episode 289 Show Notes


SS 289: We’re Back Baby… With Strength and Scotch Plus

We’re back this week with an all-new episode of Strength and Scotch!   The boys chat about how to safely return to training after a layoff or injury.  They also share a big announcement: 

The rollout of Strength and Scotch Plus: special bonus episodes, a whiskey club, monthly fitness challenges, and a mastermind braintrust.

1:32 Heavey loves tight jeans

3:26 Screwing up the top 10

3:52 Emo Heavey

4:55 Returning to the gym after a layoff

7:40 Training break research results

9:21 Grant’s shoulder injury

11:59 Bottoms up kettlebell presses

14:56 Health vs competitive sports

17:42 The mental game

21:42 Guaranteed a faster mile 

24:12 The survey

26:59 It depends

32:19 What’s your favorite…

33:50 Bromance. Scientific. Banter.

36:17 Polish weddings

37:17 Introducing Strength and Scotch Plus



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Strength and Scotch Plus

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