SS 307 – Can You Get Stronger as You Age?

Episode 307 Show Notes


In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Heavy and Grant discuss a question from listener Jim: Can you get stronger and build muscle with age?   Heavy shares the research on muscle and aging, the most powerful supplement for older athletes, and variations in protein requirements for masters athletes.

2:01 Thanks Jim!

3:27 Ear hairs

5:13 Pee-pee then talk

6:52 Sarcopenia

10:05 EBA Master’s Athletes

12:07 Anabolic resistance controversy

14:47 Appetite changes with age

15:43 Less sleep as you age

18:36 Bring on the creatine

22:45 More protein

24:00 Leg press study data

28:10 The real reason for functional fitness

29:43 Whiskey of the month club

30:21 Redbreast 12


Anabolic Resistance of Muscle Protein Synthesis with Aging

Responses to Maximal Strength Training in Difference Age and Gender Groups

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