SS 315 – Diet Breaks for Fat Loss- Yay or Nay?

Episode 315 Show Notes

 In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Heavey shares the research on diet breaks for fat loss.   The boys also announce a big change to the podcast format.  Finally, they touch on the mental health and stress levels of high-level athletes such as Simone Biles…and how the last year has affected all of us.

1:15 There’s a bear

4:14 Grant’s diet

6:04 What is a diet break

12:10 Study results

15:15 The takeaway

16:34 The other type of break…

17:56 Continuing in Strength and Scotch Plus

23:10 Hardcore History

24:55 Whiskey Club Anniversary

26:20 The future is bright

27:22 Mental health

32:59 Revisiting the stress pillar



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Continuous vs Intermittent Dieting for Fat Loss and Fat-Free Mass Retention in Resistance Trained Adults: The Icecap Trial

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