SS 302 – How to Accurately Measure Body Comp Change at Home

Episode 302 Show Notes


In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Grant and Heavey discuss the best methods for measuring body composition changes at home.  From smart scales, tape measurements, calipers and lifting progress, they cover the gamut of both fat loss and body recomposition tracking.   Heavey also helps Grant get over his hatred of the scale.

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2:12 WhistlePig 10 with body comp

4:10 Hydrostatic vs Dexa

7:28 Left Butt Cheek

10:15 Metrics

11:42 Measuring what’s relevant

13:05 Grant’s struggles with the scale

15:52 Walking and drinking

17:00 Lead and lag measures

19:21 #TeamHeavey sweatpant life

21:10 Evidence Based Insiders

22:05 Uncertainty

25:16 Pee weighs more than poo

26:46 Heavey’s tips for the scale

31:08 Weight trends over time

32:55 Am I losing the fat?

37:07 Repeating measurements

39:15 Progress pictures

43:14 Lifting numbers for gauging progress

44:16 Calipers

48:20 Prioritization of body comp tools

52:17 Smart Scale Shopping


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