SS 301 – How To Manage Stress & The Inflatable Pillar

Episode 301 Show Notes

In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Coach Heavey shares his new take on stress as an inflatable, flapping pillar of health.  Distressors, eustressors and how imaginary trolls can help manage your health.   It’s a wild yet brilliant ride through both Heavey’s mind AND stress management.  Buckle up!

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2:41 The definition of a pillar

4:44 Grant walking daily

6:48 Know your own depends

8:16 Stress is a tube

11:02 Distressors and eustressors of health

15:10 Why zero stress is not ideal

19:47 A stressful way to look at stress

21:22 Managing your trolls

24:33 Netflix and Headspace

27:19 A cabin in the woods in Tennessee

29:17 The idea is not zero stress




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