SS 303 – What Happens When You Mix HIIT & Alcohol?

Episode 303 Show Notes


Beer + burpees in the name of science???

In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Grant and Heavey discuss two studies researching the effects of mixing HIIT training and alcohol.   Tune in to find out the results of alcohol on body composition and performance.

3:36 Feeling flat

4:07 The Beer HIIT Study

9:24 Gen pop folks

10:38 HIIT plus vodka soda

14:32 The drinking program

17:00 Beer and body comp

19:15 Game on!

22:30 Performance metrics

25:53 The last time Heavey shotgunned a beer

27:15 The friendliest city

28:03 Grant guzzles

28:30 Glendronach 12


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