SS 304 – Back Injury: From Being Told You’d Never Lift Again to Setting All-Time PR’s In A Year

Episode 304 Show Notes


What would you do if you were told you’d never lift a barbell again?  In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Grant and Heavey are joined by EBA Coach Nicole for a special client case study.  Nicole shares the journey of client “Nakatomi” who went from emergency back surgery and a prognosis that she would never lift again, to setting all-time PR’s a year later.   This is one seriously inspirational story and we are so proud of this athlete’s determination.

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2:12 Mars rovers

3:17 Cozy pants and the sweatpant connoisseur

5:36 Returning from injury

11:05 Athlete mindset

14:09 You’ll never lift a barbell again

17:30 Beginning training again

20:03 Back to hiking

23:45 Building up lunges

25:31 Charlie Merrill

28:17 Connection with clients

29:35 1 year post surgery

31:45 Belt squats

33:15 A better coach and athlete

36:05 All the flours



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