SS 310 – All Things Running with Coach Nicole

Episode 310 Show Notes


In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Grant and Heavey are joined by Coach Nicole of Evidence Based Athlete to answer all of Grant’s running questions.   Having recently been bit by the running bug, Grant gets advice on running shoes, how to properly increase mileage, setting running goals, form tweaks and mindset.  

0:52 Hi Nicole

3:20 Grant’s recent long run

6:07 Motion control shoes

7:53 Types of running shoes

10:00 Pronation

11:59 Minimalist shoes

12:40 Kids squatting

16:05 Shoe Dog

18:30 When are you called a runner?

19:03 How quickly can you increase mileage?

24:40 The runner mindset

27:05 Markers of recovery

34:06 Grant’s running neuroses 

37:02 Audiobooks

38:10 Mindfulness training

40:02 Long run tips

40:40 Don’t crush the potato chip

42:19 Running discomfort

48:48 Hill running

50:56 Setting realistic expectations

54:26 Paying the bills vs investing with fitness



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Shoe Dog

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