SS 311 – Concurrent Training: What Happens When You Mix Cardio and Lifting

Episode 311 Show Notes


In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Grant and Heavey chat about concurrent training: the combination of weight training and cardio.   Does cardio interfere with strength gains?  What’s the ideal workout order, recovery period and frequency of training when combining strength and cardio?  Tune in to hear what the research says …and to hear about the boys’ recent adventures with The Botanist Gin.

2:51 The Botanist Gin

3:33 Mixing Strength and Cardio

6:09 Any negatives from the cardio?

7:37 Hickson research

9:01 Study results

11:11 Recovery periods required

14:12 Comparing measures of strength

16:01 The two-hour window

21:03 Balancing timing of workouts

24:32 Cost-benefit analysis

26:40 What about CrossFit?

29:10 Grant Guzzles…Gin


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Study: Development of maximal dynamic strength during concurrent resistance and endurance training in untrained moderately trained and trained individuals

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