SS 309 – How to Use Caffeine to Boost Your One Rep Max

Episode 309 Show Notes


If you already have a caffeine habit, can you still use caffeine as an ergogenic aid for strength and strength endurance? 

In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Coach Heavey shares the science on caffeine as an ergogenic aid, dosing for men vs women, and whether you should cut back on regular daily caffeine to improve pre-workout caffeine effects.  Tune in to get the scoop.

1:40 Twelve cups of coffee per day

4:01 Buzzing off green tea

5:19 I’ve stopped trying to stop

6:14 That extra gear

10:05 Increased heart rate effects

11:00 What the study says on women

12:28 Individual variations in caffeine response

15:39 Gender differences

17:39 Study results

18:20 Dose-dependent increase in 1RM

21:26 Pre workout supplements

24:19 What about men?

26:13 How to squeeze out the most results

27:39 Maker’s Mark Tasting



Study: The effects of different doses of caffeine on maximal strength and strength endurance on women habituated to caffeine

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Episode 006: Caffeine and Performance

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