SS 313 – Is Willpower Genetic?

Episode 313 Show Notes


In this week’s episode of Strength and Scotch, Grant and Heavey discuss nature vs nurture: Is willpower genetic and thus preordained at birth?  The boys also debate who has the most willpower between the two of them.

1:15 Moving sucks

3:55 Wanderlust Heavey

4:42 Is willpower genetic

7:19 Nature vs nurture self-control

9:53 Who has more willpower, Grant or Heavey?

13:05 What is self control?

14:48 Studying twins

18:57 60/40

19:20 Variation based on gender and age

21:05 Environmental factors

25:55 Hire a hooker

26:30 The marshmallow study

27:21 Whiskey time…Grant Guzzles



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Strength and Scotch Plus Community and Whisky Club

The Heritability of Self Control

The Marshmallow Experiment

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